I hate hayfever. I spent all yesterday sneezing and sniffing and downing antihistamines in a vain attempt to do something about it. They didn't do anything except cause me to wake up this morning feeling groggy and with a *disgusting* taste in my mouth. Fortunately it seems a tiny bit better today but I am still irritating everyone around me in the office by sneezing far too frequently.

This is seriously weird. Every other year I get hayfever in late May / early June; this year I got it badly all through April (*much* earlier than usual) and then it cleared up in May and I was so happy. Now it's come back again! I'm not the only one suffering in this way, either - DH has it the same and several people in the office are adding to my sneezing chorus with harmonics of their own.

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I'm taking Benadryl (which usually works pretty well for me but doesn't seem to be doing much this time).

I also started taking stinging nettle extract a while back (on the recommendation of someone in Holland and Barrett) which is supposed to mean you don't need anti-histamines at all, but it doesn't seem to be helping.

At least meirion's comment below shows it's not just me who's having a different-from-usual experience with it all this year!
heh. normally i get it starting in late march, with it being really bad for the latter half of may, all through june and most of july. this year it didn't start until the beginning of june.

i'm currently taking maximum daily doses of chlorpheniramine maleate, acrivastine and certirizine dihydrochloride, and having local honey as part of my diet. and i'm still not sleeping more than four hours a night and have streaming itching eyes and sneezing fits all day long.