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Help me, oh Buffy afficinados, for I am confused!

We've just started on the second season - watched the first two eps of that last night. On the credits at the end of the first ep ("When She Was Bad") was a listing for "Tara". Huh? There was no Tara in that episode - I'm sure I'd have recognised her from all of glitterboy1's icons, if nothing else! - and I had somehow got the idea that Tara doesn't appear until the 5th season, although admittedly I don't know where I got that from. The second ep ("Some Assembly Required") didn't have that credit.

I don't want to go look at episode and character guides for fear of spoiling myself in a major way, so can anyone enlighten me??
Ah, so that's not THE Tara then? Right, fair enough. I didn't notice anyone being referred to by that name but quite often (not just in Buffy) the characters seem to be given names that are never actually used in the script. Thank you!
When I wrote the CULES play, I had four characters who in my head were teenagers 1,2,3 and 4. However, I decided that casting someone as Teenager 3 might upset them, so I gave them all names, even though I think they never used them at all (or did anything beyond hang around and be backing dancers...)
A good point. I'm sure actors would rather have a named character on their CV than "man in nightclub" type things.
The wonders of closed captioning. You learn everybody's identity (even if speaking offscreen.) I suspect if you'd watched with closed captioning you would have seen all of the extra's names, even if their name was never spoken aloud! :)

(BTW, with regards to your next rant: look at the original targeted market. It wasn't us 30-somethings. We certainly helped, but the main fanbase was younger, and thus somewhat obsessed with does-he/she-desire me and if-not-why? issues.)