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Help me, oh Buffy afficinados, for I am confused!

We've just started on the second season - watched the first two eps of that last night. On the credits at the end of the first ep ("When She Was Bad") was a listing for "Tara". Huh? There was no Tara in that episode - I'm sure I'd have recognised her from all of glitterboy1's icons, if nothing else! - and I had somehow got the idea that Tara doesn't appear until the 5th season, although admittedly I don't know where I got that from. The second ep ("Some Assembly Required") didn't have that credit.

I don't want to go look at episode and character guides for fear of spoiling myself in a major way, so can anyone enlighten me??
The wonders of closed captioning. You learn everybody's identity (even if speaking offscreen.) I suspect if you'd watched with closed captioning you would have seen all of the extra's names, even if their name was never spoken aloud! :)

(BTW, with regards to your next rant: look at the original targeted market. It wasn't us 30-somethings. We certainly helped, but the main fanbase was younger, and thus somewhat obsessed with does-he/she-desire me and if-not-why? issues.)