Grateful though I am for the wonders of underwire, I do NOT like it when it breaks and tries to poke a hole in a rather sensitive place. Ow.
Re: I've bodged it...
For some reason taking the underwire out didn't occur to me! Oh well, the loo paper has been fine so far and it's nearly time to go home now anyway, so I'm not too bothered. I wonder whether the underwire is mendable... I do like this bra and it seems silly to chuck it out just because the wire is broken. Maybe when I get home I'll try taking the wire out and seeing how well it works without it.

On the topic, anyone have any recommendations for sports bras? I just wear normal bras and if I am going to be doing something bouncy (aerobics or jogging) I add a lycra top thing to hold everything a bit more tightly in place. It'd be quite handy not to have to always add the lycra thing, though, not least because it adds another layer of heat retention and I sweat enough as it is when exercising!
Re: I've bodged it...
I think you can get new wires from places like Robert Sayles haberdashery department. Getting them to stay in place is the difficult bit.

As for sports bras, I bought one once and found it gave *less* support than the ones I was wearing anyway and only earned its name by being plain white cotton, no underwire, and having a little tennis racket motif. It will possibly be easier now I'm wearing a smaller size though.