Grateful though I am for the wonders of underwire, I do NOT like it when it breaks and tries to poke a hole in a rather sensitive place. Ow.
Re: Bra sizing
Yes, I think our bra sizing is basically the same. I forget the exact formula for figuring it out, but it sounds *very* close at least.

I hate the cup-top bulges....Jim calls me "four boobs" when that happens. :-)

it's still very strange for me to have problems finding bras that are big enough! Back before I gained all this weight, I was barely a A cups were always too small and B cups were often a little big. I dealt, but something like a Wonderbra was the only thing that would give me any real lift. But now, as I've gone up a band size and a cup size, instead I've got the opposite problem. I'm swimming in a D cup, but C cups are often just a wee bit small. I'm hoping as I lose weight that my body, true to form, will decide to ditch the excess boob fat first, so maybe I can have a fighting chance at finding good bras!

I've really gotta go out and find The Perfect Bra -- and then buy it in multiples. :-)