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I've been watching ultraruby's and yiskah's versions of this meme and it's fascinating, so I'm going to do it to.

Comment anonymously! Tell me something, ask me something. Make a statement about yourself or the day you're having. Say anything!

Anonymous comments are enabled anyway, and IP logging is off. Go for it!
I still feel a bit queasy after drinking a lot of beer last night. The Alma pub had its first night open under new management, so the first one was free.

I'm sitting at home in my dressing gown, contemplating having a bath. Later I'll probably tidy the living room.
Sitting at home in dressing gown: good
Feeling queasy: not so good.

Hope you feel better soon!
i'll play but surely you'll guess who it is!
Last night I made myself a Henessey Daiquiri - 1.5 oz white rum, 0.5 oz tangerine liqueur, 0.5 oz fresh squeezed lime juice, over ice. It was really good. I made it because the recipe site said it was known for calming down the BARTENDER in addition to the drinker :). I needed it because, of course, all hell was breaking loose and it was better than freaking out over the furniture moving and the worry of smushing a kid.

Then my husband wanted me to go across the street to drop some stuff off at our neighbor's, so I did, and they were laughing 'cause I was half-drunk. Then my neighbor came back with me to see the furniture and my husband snarked at me about taking too long across the way. oh, and we saw a toad on my neighbor's driveway - a very small one who hopped away really really fast.

I have SO much to do today and so little time I am not sure I can do it all but I've tried. Already done four loads of laundry this morning!!!
Re: i'll play but surely you'll guess who it is!
Well, I know who I think you "sound" like but I'm not sure I'm right. Do you want me to guess?

Four loads of laundry: pretty impressive. Want to come over and do some of mine later? I've got an overflowing laundry hamper at the moment...
I'm bored out of my skull today. I should do something useful like jobhunt, but I'm not sure I can get myself to. Guess I could start by going to the paper's website - not that I stand a chance in hell of getting anything that's advertised in the paper!

Oh well eh.

I'm also a little worried about a friend of mine who seems to have fallen offline. Keeping calm for now. Probably just having network difficulties.
Same anon, and it looks like my friend is around again. Relief... Job hunt looks less hopeless too.
Aaaaaiiiiieeee! I have a million zillion things to do today!
I sometimes think about how nice it would be to take the sharp part of a key and make a long scratch down my arm. I even did it once without fully realizing it. Then I think maybe this is a sign of depression and I should seek help. But then I think maybe I'm being a hypocondriac, looking for problems when I'm just normal.
Eep, that doesn't sound like much fun. I'm sorry I don't have any useful advice... FWIW, though, self-harm (whether it's just the thoughts or actually acting on them) certainly can be a symptom of depression and I don't think there'd be anything wrong with seeking help.

Look at it this way: the worst that can happen is that either they tell you "you're normal, go away" and then you can feel relieved that you're normal and not worry about it any more, or they say "we can help you with that" and then you get some help and feel better!

*hugs*, whoever you are.
I think you should like yourself a lot more. I do.
I love reading your journal entries... just for the cool English phrases if nothing else. But the content is always interesting too!
Thank you! I always think my journal entries are supremely boring... but perhaps you only think they're interesting because you're mis-translating the cool English phrases and think that I am having wild orgies when I'm actually posting about weeding my garden or something :-))
anything. :-)

I was a bit surprised to see your response to #69 on the 100 things list. But I think it's cool. I am feeling tired and lazy and my day is a busy one at work.
I mostly put that one in there because I thought it was amusing to do so :-)

Sorry you've got a busy day, especially if you're feeling tired and lazy. Hope you are able to have a relaxing evening!
I once cut my hand with a razor blade, on purpose. It needed six or seven stitches to close the wound. It was the back of my hand. Nobody knows the truth.
Ouch. I'm sorry you felt bad enough to do that. I hope you are in a better place these days (it sounds from your wording as though this was a long time ago). *hugs*, whoever you are.
M/M slash in your 100 happy things intrigues me. I don't know for sure what it is, but I think I know. And if it is, I can't google it at work ;)
This you can probably google at work:

I'm not into M/M slash personally, but I think if I were to see Aragorn/Boromir slash (Aragorn/Faramir would be equally good), I'd have to read it.

Maybe Tyr/DylanHunt slash...