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To txt or not to txt, that is the question

Hmmm. I just heard an nth hand rumour that my boss (who is also my friend) has just split up with her boyfriend. They've been together about 10 years and have a house (and a mortgage!) together and all sorts of stuff like that, so this isn't just a quick fling that's over.

She's away at the moment (off work for a pre-booked week's holiday, which my "sources" tell me she is going ahead with despite this development) and I don't know whether to txt her or not to see if she's OK... on the one hand, it is only an nth hand rumour, but on the other hand it is via a chain of reliable sources, and this wouldn't be completely out of the blue if it is true. Hmmm. Maybe I'll wait until she's back in the office and chat to her then.

I'm worried about causing offence (or appearing nosey, or uncaring, whatever) no matter what I do.

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