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Last night: me, a spoon, and a pint of Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide. Heaven.

Why didn't anyone tell me about Dublin Mudslide before? Think about all the hours I've wasted eating other sorts of ice cream (or indeed other foodstuffs) when I could have been eating that! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Mmmmm! I don't think I've noticed that one before! I'll be doing the shopping tonight; I must have a look.
Watch out, I might get there first and clear out their entire stock.... it really is THAT good. :-)
Aaah, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk! I ate my way through most B&J flavours in Brum because there's no B&J here, and I was terribly curious ... OCC was the one I liked best because it was a little bit less sweet than the others. Eating mostly sugar-free really spoils a lot of ice cream brands because you just can't take the sweetness any more - I guess it's a good thing but it's also a shock to the system not liking Hagen Dasz any more :-(
Ooh, I've not tried (or even seen) the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk one. Sounds yummiferous....
It contains lots of cinnamon - for me that made it all the yummier! I bought it at ... Tesco, I think.
It is very good and too easy to eat the pint in one sitting (which I try not to do even if B&J make it hard).
Chocolate, fudge, coffee, cookies, cream and liqueur, all in one tub? It's madness I tell you!
What more could anyone want? Personally I love the way the cookies are described as "chocolate chocolate chip". Jif took one look at the tub and said "this is aimed at pre-menstrual women, isn't it?" :-)
Or any of us with a massive sweet tooth ;)

I, unfortunately, do not drink alcohol, so will never be able to savour the crazy mix of tasty food in ice cream =P
I thank you for bringing this flavor to my attention. My big butt, however, does not. :-P
Although, I wonder if it's available here! I shall have to look. If I weren't on the World's Slowest Internet Connection here at work, I would look now, but it'll have to wait till I get home :-)
I wondered if they sold this flavor in the US as well, so went and checked it out. Your local Stop n Shop on Farmington in Unionville as well as Shaws, Price Chopper and Super Y carry this flavor :) Our ScaryMart carries it - I might have to get my brave on...

Although, I DO have a pint of cherry garcia and another of butter pecan in the freezer...

Damn you, Vicky ;)
I've never heard of that flavour. Where did you buy it? The Ely Tescos only ever has two or three B&J flavours - Phish Food, always, and a strawberry one, but nothing more exotic than that.
I got it in the Coldhams Lane Sainsburys. They had lots of it, but if I make another trip (and as glitterboy1 says above, he's shopping tonight too....) there might not be much left by tomorrow :-))

Actually they had a fair few flavours - phish food, cookie dough, half baked, the full vermonty, caramel chew chew, dublin mudslide... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMM! Cookie dough is my favorite, which is odd because I'm a complete chocoholic.
Oh yum yum yum, dh bought it for me last week. DIVINE! And I can eat it cos it's Irish!!! :-)