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From tafagirl:

Judging by LJ support requests, Google blogsearch is going to be a huge headache here...


1: Even if you have robots blocked, your RSS feed will cause Google to index your LJ. This includes friends-only and private posts!!
[Edit: No it doesn't, see below or --V]

2: RSS includes the first paragraph of all locked posts (although non-friends will still be blocked when they click on the link).
[Edit: This is not in fact true as it turns out. Locked posts will only be visible on the feed if the reader is already authenticated with LJ and has permission to view those posts. Phew. I guess you can still run the console command given below if you'd prefer only the titles to show up in your entries anyway. --V]

To fix this:

First, although you cannot completely disable your RSS feed, it is possible to restrict it to just displaying the subject lines of your entries. You can do this by going to the Admin Console ( and entering the following command:

set synlevel title
I was just going WTF at locked posts being there, various people say "no, that's not true"... I wonder what the truth is.
Just found the relevant LJ FAQ and they are only visible if you are already authenticated with Livejournal and authorised to see those posts. Will update my post accordingly.

If livejournal was formerly somehow limited in distribution, I could see what the fuss was about. But it's visible to the entire internet anyway...

(The people who are claiming google indexes private/friends-only posts are just wrong and ought to have checked before spreading FUD.)

Ah good, thanks for checking it! I'm not overly bothered by it either way but thought somebody out there (like you!) would know more :-)