A paean of praise for my wonderful DH

I just want to say how happy I am to be married to my DH. It's all the little things he does that are so nice that make me so happy... buying me flowers when I got back from my recent trip to San Francisco, spending hours talking to me last night about a geeky work-related issue I was trying to get my head round, planning nice cycling trips at the weekend (for Cambridge people I really recommend the ride to/around Nine Wells)... *happy sigh* I know it's sickening still to be so happy/couply/whatever after 5 years of marriage (Sunday was 7 years since we got engaged!) but I just can't help it. He's so lovely :-)
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Good for you! And it's not sickening at all.

How long a ride is it BTW? I'm still getting as many miles in as possible at the moment in practice for the London-Cambridge ride and it's nice to have hints about where to go!
The start of the ride is about 3 miles out of Cambridge (depending on where you start from :-)) just out past Addenbrookes along the Babraham road. From there it's a circular ride of about another 3 miles, plus a walk around the Nine Wells themselves. Although that doesn't sound very long, most of the ride is "off road" along mud/grass tracks through fields, so it's heavier going than road riding (and I had to get off and walk for part of it). DH found the details at the Cambridge Corner website at (the specific one we did is ). The directions are pretty good by and large but we did get very slightly lost on the last part of the circle :-)
Ah right, my bike just isn't built for offroading, so I'll have to give that one a miss. Shame, it sounds nice.
You are TOO cute, and no, I don't think it's sickening at all. :-) We make people want to gag all the time, and while we've been married only two years, we've been together for over seven (I think...) so I know what you mean. :-)