December 17th, 2008


(no subject)

Grr argh. I'm trying to remember a carol we used to sing at school. It wasn't in our normal hymn books, it was hand-typed and purple roneo'd (OK, dating myself here). I've never heard it anywhere else but as far as I know it wasn't written by our music teacher or anything.

All I can remmber about it is that as written each verse had four lines, but the third line I think was sung multiple times? And something about kings, and joy. And it had a bit that went too high for me to sing (not difficult) but it was still my favourite. I'm also getting a strong feeling of a key word beginning with mau..., or maybe just ma....

Funnily enough that's not enough information for me to track it down even with my l33t g00gl3 sKillz0r. Grr.