What has it got in its pocketses, precioussss?

Just cleared out of my coat pockets:

- Two bus tickets (13th Nov 2005 and 4th Dec 2005)
- A scrunched up Christmas cracker
- A similarly scrunched up paper hat
- Bunch of keys on a smiley face keyring
- Bike spanner (multiple heads with common bike-related sizes)
- Two yellow post-its with dates/times written on them and no further information
- Grocery shopping list on a pink post-it
- Grocery shopping list on the back of a photocopied page of Sudoku puzzles
- Grocery shopping list on the back of a Cambridge Liberal Democrats newsletter
- Present shopping list on the back of a page of a Power Over Ethernet specification
- Present shopping list on the back of an objection to the Cambridge City Council Local Plan Public Enquiry
- Receipt for a Northern Lighthouse Board 2006 calendar

I feel this sums up my life quite well.

What have you got in your pocketses?
In my coat... phone, purse, keys, tissues (clean), dryish wet wipe (with chocolate on), three old bus tickets, receipt from WHSmith, receipt from the Co-op, Opal FruitsStarburst wrapper, three pennies that aren't in my purse because they 'belong' to smallclanger, and that's it. Small pockets. :)
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dryish wet wipe (with chocolate on),

Doesn't this just sum up Life With Toddler?? :-)
Keys, gloves, bus ticket back from the hospital this morning. But that's because I tend to keep all the guff in my usual bag - that's full of chocolate wrappers and Naomi's socks, plus a 128Mb pen drive.
Oh, I'm not even going *near* the idea of posting a list of the contents of my bag. Let's just say there are probably whole civilisations evolving in there as I type :-)
Tissues - I've got two kids with snotty noses!
Nothing in my pockets, I'm afraid. I instantly clear them out when I get home. I can't bear stuff in them unless it's my keys and phone when I go out :-)

  • Bike lights
  • wallet
  • Not phone, cos just took it out
  • Keys
  • Indigestion tablets
  • Ezio gig ticket stub
  • Terry Reid gig ticket stub
  • Harry Potter cinema ticket stub
  • Receipt for lunch at the Soul Tree (I'm binning that)
The pockets in the coat I wear to work are fairly shallow, so I don't really keep anything in them. Right now - because it's hanging - it has a pair of gloves, a scarf, and a knit headband thing (for keeping ears warm).
I don't keep anything in my coat pockets except for my gloves -- I put my hands in and out of my pockets so often, I'd lose it all! I stuff it all in my purse instead -- and I don't WANT to inventory all the crap that must be in there! ;-)

Oddly enough, both my coats have the same things in them:
- tissues (clean)
- vaseline lip balm
- eye drops (need them excessively since my laser eye surgery in Aug '04)
- gum (unchewed)
- when I'm walking to/from work, my keys
That sounds very sensible and practical!

I'm interested in the laser eye surgery - how bad was your eyesight before? How was the surgery itself and did it give you the improvement you hoped for in your sight?
laser eye surgery
I had laser eye surgery in August 2004. Previously my eyes were about 20/500 (right) and 20/600 (left). I forget what the corresponding contact prescription is--maybe -5.75 and -6.25?
About 95% of the people who get laser eye surgery get LASIK, where they make a flap in the cornea and laser below it then put the flap back. Since my cornea's were too thin for that, I had to get PRK, where they just laser directly onto the surface of the cornea. The healing process is longer and a little more painful. With LASIK, most people can see 20/20 or 20/15 when they sit up in the doctor's chair. I couldn't even see well enough to drive for about 5 days, and not that well for probably about 2 weeks.
But at my one year post-surgery checkup, I was still seeing between 20/20 and 20/15. Although I don't feel like I can see that well. I know I see better right after I blink and even better right after putting eye drops in.
Overall, I'm happy that I got the surgery, I mean that's a drastic improvement! But it's such a pain in the butt having to use drops all the time. I can actually go most of the day without them on days off, but computer use causes my eyes to tire more easily. But I started out with dry eyes to begin with--I'd have to use drops all the time if I wore contacts. And I'm sure the fact that they had to burn off so much of my eye to correct my sight didn't help. Someone who has moist eyes and not horribly crappy eyesight probably wouldn't have such a problem with it after surgery. And LASIK probably isn't as bad either.
Oh, and the surgery itself wasn't too awful. It was nerve-racking sitting in the waiting room hearing the laser doing its thing on other patients before me. And I did experience really mild pain for a few days afterwards, and maybe an hour of real pain the day after. But they give ya good drugs, so it was alright.
Are you considering doing it?
Re: laser eye surgery
Thank you for that great explanation! I'm glad it worked so well for you!

I'm sort-of-but-not-really considering doing it myself - part of me would like to, but the other part is scared sh*tless at the prospect of things ending up worse than they are now :-) Both my eyes are around -9 prescription, with astigmatism as well, and from what I hear it's rare for someone with that level of myopia to get a full correction from surgery. Still, maybe one day if they manage to work out some improvements to the technique!
A handkerchief.

When travelling I normally have that, a wallet, some keys, a mobile telephone.