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Mmmm, toffee choc dips. Two hours ago I didn't even know they existed; now, I may never eat anything else.
brand name? where do you get them? *makes a note*
They're KP brand. "Normal" Choc Dips were around when I was a kid - a pot of goopy chocolate with some sweet biscuit sticks to dip in it - but I'd not seen this toffee variety before. I just picked one up in a random newsagent earlier today!
Gosh, they had toffee choc dips since I was very small (along with orange choc dips)! I thought they'd stopped making them, I never see them around anymore...
I've never seen orange ones, either! Either you are much, much younger than me or there's some weird regional variation thing going on...
Am 27...
They used to have them in the Co-Op in Aber, in vast quantities. I've not seen any over here in Oxford.
I don't remember plain chocolate ones, but we certainly had Orange ones up in Yorkshire.
That's what I was about to say - I can remember plentiful supplies of normal ones and toffee ones when I was little (late 80s, north-east England). I've seen the orange ones, but I'm pretty sure they were a later invention.
Ahhh ok. We had "teddy grahams" or something like that. Little graham cracker teddy bears to dip.
I'm starving, and about to go and do the grocery shopping. I probably shouldn't have read this. :-)

Grocery shopping when hungry is ALWAYS a bad idea. I don't know why I never seem to learn this; I've still got about 8 packages of microwave popcorn in the cupboard from the last time it happened a few weeks back.

It's as though my hunter-gatherer instincts kick in to a really quite unreasonable level, and I always end up looking slightly dazed at the till and thinking "Did I *really* buy all that?!"
Yum, I love the toffee ones. I wonder what other flavours they have nowadays.