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I'm now cmdr_ivanova over at GreatestJournal (I'll be staying here too, at least for the time being).
I hope I don't have to. For the moment I'm going to keep writing here, but I'll be reading both places.

Is everyone leaving LJ over the breastfeeding thing?

I don't know if I can keep up with YA site.
I'm angry enough about it to leave, after some friends of friends have had their journals suspended. Members of breastfeeding communities have specifically been targeted, *someone* is looking at journals to find "objectionable" icons and complaining.
None at all, but for the moment at least I don't plan to write anything over there - just to have it set up for now, in case of future use.
Ok. The other problem that just occurred to me, of course, is that feeds are unauthenticated and thus only include public entries. That'd be the point when I get a GreatestJournal account then…
Oh, noooo-o-o-o-o! Say it isn't so!
I've followed you guys from the wedding ngs to a.n. to lj and ganbabb. Puh-lease don't make me migrate again!

I joined GreatestJournal 18 months ago when LJ was down for a while.[gwendraith there, too] I hated it - not a patch on here. I've added you there. I find DeadJournal much more fun, but I don't go there much either :-)
Yeah, I think I'm going to at least consider going. LJ is such a huge part of my life, though!
I will!

Yes, I love all the B5 characters but Ivanova is my favourite by a long way. I want to be her when I grow up! :-)