Livejournal strike

In case any of you haven't heard, there's an LJ Strike planned for 06/06/06.

Read more about why. I won't be deleting my journal but I will be refraining from posting or commenting from midday UTC on Monday 5th June until midday UTC on Wednesday 7th June.

Since my paid time doesn't expire until August I can't really hit LJ where it hurts (by not renewing) until then!
Re: Perhaps I'm in the minority . . .
I agree. Inconsistency is annoying, whether it's changing rules back and forth or in what constitutes 'inappropriate'. Maybe this whole thing will encourage LiveJournal to look at the whole issue of icons and get together more agreeable and consistent guidelines. They need balance but how they do that I'm not quite sure. What offends one person, amuses another. I suppose the basic rule of thumb re: default icons should be - if you think some people might be offended or an employer might take exception, don't use it as a default icon. There's plenty of opportunity for posting possible contentious icons in the comments. It's all about respecting each other.
Re: Perhaps I'm in the minority . . .
If an employer might be offended, there's a fair chance the reader shouldn't be LJing at work. Regardless of the icon.
Re: Perhaps I'm in the minority . . .
Without a doubt. But we wouldn't want to deprive fellow LJers of their guilty pleasure ;-)