Follow this link to complete the survey!

In other news, I worked out why the stack wasn't working. Yay! Rather amusingly, it had to do with the order of initialisation of two things... if you try to initialise A then B, A whinges because it needed something in B; and vice versa, you can guess what happened. Duh.
Interesting survey! Definitely a few places where it comes across rather American, but seems to be written quite carefully so as not to exclude people with differing opinions/circumstances where possible.
Yep, I thought that too. I hate calling it a "Pap" test, actually, something sounds very unpleasant about "pap". Mind you, I suppose "cervical smear" doesn't sound that much more appealing either. :-)
So? You can still fill it in. The first question is "Are you male or female?".
Admittedly, disappointingly if you tell it you are male, it only asks you some demographics questions; if you tell it you are female and have a partner it includes questions like "Does your partner encourage you to go for regular Pap tests?", and I would have thought that for a male with a female partner it could have asked "Do you encourage your partner to go for regular Pap tests?" (for example).