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Cambridge and friends (or lack thereof)

While I really really like living in Cambridge, I do sometimes feel rather isolated here. Hardly any of our college friends have stayed around here, most are either in London or abroad; and we don't know our neighbours well at all (almost all of them are well past retirement age, so we say Hello when we pass them but don't really have a whole lot to talk to them about; those that are closer to our sort of age are either a) terminally weird (and no doubt they think we are too) and/or b) very reserved themselves, so the chances of us and them actually making any sort of social contact are basically zero.

In one sense I prefer it this way, because neither of us are the type of people to want to be popping off to parties / social gatherings every weekend; we like our free time and doing stuff with just the two of us. BUT, it does get to me from time to time that there's no-one IRL to chat about stuff with. Is it really strange that far far more of my friends are on-line than IRL?

I sometimes wonder whether this feeling of semi-isolation is something peculiar to Cambridge, but actually I think it's peculiar to me/us. I suppose when it comes down to it, if I really wanted to I could go out and "make friends" with people, but I'm not totally convinced the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I guess I'm just an anti-social b**** at heart :-)

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