My first entry

So, my first livejournal entry. Not sure how much I'll be using this but it seems like an intriguing way to communicate and share thoughts with others. Right now I have a whole load of thoughts buzzing round my brain that I could just dump out here but I think I'll wait and ponder for a bit first before going for it :-)
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Hi Vicky!
just testing for you, to see if you get emails when someone comments on your entries. :-)

welcome to livejournal! :-)
I just noticed that your entry is marked I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, since it's not 5:01pm yet. ;-)

Gotta love timezones! When I was in Japan, I took great pleasure in calling my mom and telling her that I was calling her from the next morning. She'd ask if there were any big news stories for the next day that she should be aware of before heading to bed. :-)
Re: Freaky!
LOL! I do have trouble when I am visiting the US, working out which way to move the time in my head to work out when it is at home. And I don't even want to *think* about flying over the International Date Line :-)