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I'm having a bit of a friendslist cull - mostly communities that have lost their relevant for me, a few people I've rarely/never exchanged comments with, some who I had friended but had never friended me back, etc.

Nothing personal intended in any of it - if I unfriended you and you want back, just shout. I'm just aiming to get to a point where I can read my entire FL every day without having to use a default filter (at the moment I only read the full list once a week or so, if that).

It's also possible I've made mistakes because this new friends management page format makes it very hard to see what I'm doing!
I hover over your user pic and still see *mutual*.
Thank you
I am currently attempting to cull people who've deleted their journals. Am I having any luck? Feh.
The new friends management page seems to show deleted journals along with others and you can unfriend them just like anything else!