Anonymous goodness!

A few weeks ago, an edition of The New Yorker dropped through my letterbox. I initially thought it might be one of these free trial lure-you-in type things, although I was a bit surprised by the lack of advertising if so, but I read it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since then a new issue has duly arrived every week, and they have all been extremely interesting. After two or three had arrived I posted on GANBABB in case it was related to my secret snowflake gift, but nobody there owned up to having anything to do with it, and I'm not participating in any other secret gift exchange things this year....

Then today a copy of the International edition of Vanity Fair arrived, too!

So. Whoever the kind person is, if you're reading this, thank you! These are both really fantastic magazines with a wide range of topics of interest to me. I've actually never read either of them before now, although I've heard of them both obviously. So thank you! It's really interesting getting the US perspective on some of the issues at hand, as well.

I'll leave this public so if anyone who knows who I should be thanking would like to comment, you can do so anonymously if you prefer :-)
Ta for the reminder! - I still haven't got around to subscribing to New Scientist or Der Spiegel...
I've read Vanity Fair a couple of times, but it's not easy to find. I am not a huge fan of women's magazines - I am not interested in 100 pages of makeup I am not going to use and clothes that I can't afford or would have any use for. But Vanity Fair was full of real articles. It just isn't available in most of the usual suppliers.