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Paris in the autumn

Just back from a very nice week in Paris and feeling very relaxed and refreshed and other good things.

To be honest I wasn't that keen on going in the first place, I had to take a week off work to use up some of my holiday allowance but I rather fancied the idea of a nice week lounging around at home. DH convinced me that it would be better to go away somewhere and enjoy what will very probably be our last holiday with just the two of us for a very long time! Now I'm really really glad we went as inevitably if we had stayed at home we'd have been rushing round doing DIY, chores, and so on and wouldn't really have had a week "off" at all!

I was a bit worried before we went that I might not be up to all the walking (I do get knackered more easily these days) but as it turned out it was fine. We took it a bit more slowly than we otherwise would have done and I cried off a few things where there were millions of stairs and no lift (like the Arc De Triomphe and the Notre Dame bell tower), but all in all, it worked out very well. Going in November when there aren't hordes of tourists everywhere was a good idea too.

I like Paris a LOT more than I like London. Despite the crazy traffic and the pickpockets (we fought off one attempt on my bag and stopped another woman getting her bag rifled too, so our coats are now liberally covered in Parisian pickpocket spit) and the rollerbladers all over the pavements... the metro system is SO much nicer than the underground, the restaurants are more varied and nicer, the Seine is much nicer than the Thames, and so on and so on. Paris doesn't have that dirty grimy dusty feel that London has.

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