An excellent article. I used to be an idealist. Reading Joel and Raymond has made me much more aware of the need to be pragmatic. I now reserve being idealist for when I want to annoy people. :-)
I think he's absolutely right that it's a negative-width line between the two camps. And I love the idea of buying stock in Internet flame-wars :-)
It is, indeed, an interesting article, and it gives strong affirmation to my decision many years ago that I wasn't going to piss about with <!DOCTYPE gobbledygook until someone could explain to me exactly what I was claiming if I put it in my page and why it mattered if I left it out. I've not yet found a browser that choked on something starting <HTML><HEAD>.

The "All you smug idealists are laughing at this newbie/idjit. The consumer is not an idiot. She’s your wife. So stop laughing." bit rankles somewhat, though.

Not least because I don't see why I should avoid laughing at someone for being an idiot merely because they're my spouse.
Women, know your limits
Speaking As A Wife, I'd say it was because you're laughing at yourself, only not in a good way.

[fastshow] I'll get my coat[/fastshow]
Everything he says about "standards" seems to me to be universally applicable, not least with regard to state primary and secondary schools.