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Since Jif is going on sabbatical for at least a year, his company are looking to find someone to fill his shoes on a permanent basis.

More details below the cut if anyone's interested, or feel free to pass it on if you know someone else who might be.

It's a small company (7 people) who do lots of very interesting embedded software stuff on an open source embedded real-time operating system called eCos. More company info here.

One of the things he's really liked is being able to try his hand at many different aspects, both technically and professionally with a lot of freedom to choose between what interests him. So not just the main OS itself but also development tools, filesystems, networking, porting, training, customer support, drivers, encryption, host tools, testing, documentation, etc etc etc.

These are some of the things that Jif did and found interesting, but the job would likely be flexible as to focus, and with many other things - it's a small company so it's easy to be flexible. Experience with developing under Linux desirable, although Windows is useful too. Embedded experience is probably most important though.

Package dependent on experience, likely up to 40k, pension, share option scheme. Based in Cambridge.

For more info informally you can mail Jif at, or mail with a CV etc.

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