Not fair!

I went to Starbucks this afternoon hoping for the famous LJNI peppermint mocha. Evidently it is a Left Pondian Only thing, though... the best they could do was a "Chocolate mint bliss" which is basically hot chocolate with peppermint tea, as far as I could tell. Sigh. I was really looking forward to it, too, as my staple all summer has been the chocolate cream frappucino and I really wanted a hot drink now instead!

[Aside: Long time no update. I keep thinking of things I want to write here and never gettig round to actually typing them in. ]
Ah, a challenge
First off, nice to see you writing! I hadn't seen any new entries of yours since I added you to my friends' journal a while back...
AS for the challenge, ah yes -- I believe it is my duty now to find out whether Starbucks carries PEppermint Mochas here.

I must admit that my last Starbuks holiday drink experiment did not go well. After resisting the urge for a gingerbread latte all week in Vancouver, I tried one at the airport just before getting on the plane. I dind't think to order it decaf (what would be the point?!), and ordered a big one (grande? tall? the larger of the two). Ende dup wired for the flight home, couldn't sleep at all, and found myself wraping presents at 2am with a massive migraine.
Methinks I should try the PM in decaf form, but with real cream and whipped cream as consolation.
Can som
OK, here's what to do...
I just checked and this is what the true peppermint mocha is:

Peppermint Mocha Latte
Espresso, Cocoa and peppermint flavored syrup, topped with whipped cream and red sugar sprinkles

Well, clearly they left the milk out of that description but anyway that's it. Then I went to their UK website and found the chocolate mint bliss, which is:

Rich and creamy peppermint hot chocolate, topped with cream, chocolate shavings and drizzle.

OK, so what you need to do is have them put a shot of espresso in a cup, and then make the chocolate mint bliss IN THAT CUP :)
That will be about it.
ooh, a v.g. idea!
Good idea, HIlliary, to hit the Starbucks' websites. That inspired me to check out the Cdn details...and I discovered there's no and that their .com address covers "North America". That probably means Peppermint Mocha exists here. Which means I may need to try it sometime, just to make sure the product standards are being held up properly north of the border :-)
(Not sure if I'll get to -- I ended up with a caffiene induced headache after a small cup of regular caffienated tea last night, so I'm not sure when my poor head will handle expresso.)

Who had the decaf PM - Jennifer Angliss, right? How do you get a decaf espresso? Isn't that counter to the point of an espresso -- was it just made with decaf coffee instead?

Hmm, interesting possibilities. Might just have to do some holiday shopping downtown - there's a Starbucks in the Chapters on the subway....
Re: ooh, a v.g. idea!
Um, I guess you were unaware of this fact, but you CAN get decaf espresso :). It's just a matter of which beans are used. I mean, if decaf espresso is counter to the point of espresso (which I personally think it is, but, you know, whatever) then decaf coffee is similarly counter to the point of coffee -- but still, it's available!!

Good luck with getting a PM and let us know how it goes.
Firstly, nice to see you writing :)

Secondly, the Chocolate Mint Bliss *is* excellent :) Had my first one last night.
Oh, 'lo, just noticed you added me - nice to see you around! I've just added you, but could you fill in this poll please to let me know if you want onto any of my other filters besides the general rambling? Cheers :)