Not fair!

I went to Starbucks this afternoon hoping for the famous LJNI peppermint mocha. Evidently it is a Left Pondian Only thing, though... the best they could do was a "Chocolate mint bliss" which is basically hot chocolate with peppermint tea, as far as I could tell. Sigh. I was really looking forward to it, too, as my staple all summer has been the chocolate cream frappucino and I really wanted a hot drink now instead!

[Aside: Long time no update. I keep thinking of things I want to write here and never gettig round to actually typing them in. ]
Ah, a challenge
First off, nice to see you writing! I hadn't seen any new entries of yours since I added you to my friends' journal a while back...
AS for the challenge, ah yes -- I believe it is my duty now to find out whether Starbucks carries PEppermint Mochas here.

I must admit that my last Starbuks holiday drink experiment did not go well. After resisting the urge for a gingerbread latte all week in Vancouver, I tried one at the airport just before getting on the plane. I dind't think to order it decaf (what would be the point?!), and ordered a big one (grande? tall? the larger of the two). Ende dup wired for the flight home, couldn't sleep at all, and found myself wraping presents at 2am with a massive migraine.
Methinks I should try the PM in decaf form, but with real cream and whipped cream as consolation.
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