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Grrr, I just collected some digital prints from Jessops. Firstly they had taken it into their heads to crop one of my images without asking my first, which it turned out didn't matter but was still irritating, and secondly their self service "print kiosk" thing told me the prints would be 25p each but they were actually 49p each. On closer inspection this seems to be because there were 4 images on the floppy disk I used, and for 4+ images they are 25p each, but I only wanted two of them printed, and for <4 it is 49p each. I didn't make a fuss because they did have the table of prices displayed on the wall as well, but I'd have thought the sodding computer could have been a BIT cleverer than that. Oh, and thirdly once you've used the kiosk you still have to queue up at the counter to hand them the confirmation slip that the kiosk gives you, so you might as well not have bothered and just queued up int he first place. Grrr.

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