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Does anyone know if livejournal-to-(email, news, phpBB, whatever) gateways exist? I've tried googling but can only turn up $thing-to-livejournal gateways, and I don't know where on livejournal itself to look for such a thing.
You mean you want to do an LJ post and have it also appear on Usenet (or elsehwere)? Interesting idea... Cut-and-paste is a good workaround in the meantime :-)

Actually, the other way round - I want to read LJ posts in a news (or other) format. I'm fed up of having to scroll back through my friends page to look for unread comments and work out which posts I have already read and which I haven't.

So I want a utility that, on being asked to get my friends page, will get all new posts, and all new comments on old posts (back to a certain age limit, of course) and show them to me. It would have to run its own little server to which I would connect, of course.

I'm also guiltily aware that I offered robin__ that I would set up and run such a beast for phpbb->news and have since done nothing about it. Sigh.
You can get the rss & atom feeds of at least some journals, but that doesn't give you the comments. . .
Ha! I'd forgotten all about that. :)

I was going to point out the RSS feed too, but I don't think that'll do what you want.