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Discussing some Subversion "feature", earlier...

Me: Does it really do that? That's totally bizarre.
Co-worker 1: No, it's not bazaar, it's svn!
[collective groans]
Co-worker 2: Ooh, you git!
[more groans]
[short silence]
Co-worker 3: OK, we're all trying to work out how to get an RCS joke in now, aren't we?
Ah, see, 's easy; you just need the right accent. I's as easy as (SCCS, geddit?) shooting sittings darcs. No, OK, I won't give up the day job.
That's rather mercurial of you; in the past you clearly had strong feelings on the matter.
If anyone did manage an RCS joke, that would be a clear case for dismissal. ;-)
Quietly hides in the corner until the bad repository people go away!

I just admin the system at $job, which means I get all of the crap and none of the benefit.
Too many jokes like that and you'll all be sacked. I hope you have your cvs in order.
I shall have to show you the DOORS.

(I've run out of VCSen and am reduced to puns based around tools from other parts of the software development lifecycle! Shoot me now!)
Thanks for making the post public! It's amusing, and the comment thread is hilarious. I had a coughing fit.

Any idea where people argue about requirements-management software like DOORS these days? I'm trying to get an idea of the landscape, but things like the INCOSE survey are really hopeless, just marketing material.
Would you mind making this post public? I want to link to it...