The Meme Strikes Back

10 years ago I......
1. Was in my second year at university
2. Had been going out with DH for 1 year
3. Weighed about 4 stone less than I do now

5 years ago I......
1. Left Logica and moved to CCL
2. Ripped out our en-suite and crappy fitted wardrobes for redecorating
3. Weighed about 2 stone less than I do now

1 year ago I......
1. Was 4.5 months pregnant for Christmas
2. Was working very hard on a big project at work
3. Weighed about 1 stone more than I do now

Yesterday I......
1. Took M into town for the last bit of Christmas shopping
2. Gave M a very splashy bath
3. Had a "relaxing" evening for the first time in about 2 weeks ;-)

Today I......
1. Posted the last Christmas presents
2. Delivered our neighbours Christmas cards
3. Dropped into work to say Merry Christmas to assorted people