I'm having a spring (?) clean of my journal and have pruned my friends list substantially. I think I've mostly removed people who either never update (or filter me out of all their updates), or people who I friended via common communities or mutual friends but we don't seem to have ended up with anything beyond an aquaintanceship (i.e. we pretty much don't comment on each others posts).

I have been reading everything and I am still more than happy to re-friend anyone who was sufficiently riveted by what I wrote; just shout and it will be done.

Similarly if anyone feels the need to de-friend me, no hard feelings either way!
You don't friends-lock everything, do you? I don't pay much attention to whether individual posts have padlocks on, so can't remember!

Anyway, sorry to see you go, but I'll leave you on mine for the time being, if that's okay, provided as I say, not everything's friends-locked!
I do tend to lock everything, so I've added you back :-)

I do read all of your posts, too, even though I rarely comment.

I don't worry too much if no-one comments -provided it isn't one of my periodic pointless surveys; if no-one responds to those, then I really doo feel left out!