Breakthrough Generations study

I'm posting this in my own journal and in theladiesloos.

If you are
a) female
b) over 18
c) live in the UK
then you could help Breakthrough Breast Cancer with a wide-ranging research study aimed at finding out more about the factors (environmental and genetic) that influence a person's chance of getting breast cancer. All that is involved is filling in a detailed questionnaire and giving a blood sample (they will send you a pack for you to take to your GP for the sample).

If you are interested please visit for more information or to sign up for the study.
Of course! I've friended you back and added you to those filters. I've seen you in glitterboy1's journal, so you're not a complete stranger :-)

Looking at your info page it seems that we have a few interests in common and I was interested to see your recent recommendation of _Liberated Parents, Liberated Children_. I've just added it to my wishlist - I've read (and very much enjoyed) some other Faber and Mazlish books but that one had somehow passed me by.

Anyway, nice to "meet" you! :-)