Anonymous goodness!

A few weeks ago, an edition of The New Yorker dropped through my letterbox. I initially thought it might be one of these free trial lure-you-in type things, although I was a bit surprised by the lack of advertising if so, but I read it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Since then a new issue has duly arrived every week, and they have all been extremely interesting. After two or three had arrived I posted on GANBABB in case it was related to my secret snowflake gift, but nobody there owned up to having anything to do with it, and I'm not participating in any other secret gift exchange things this year....

Then today a copy of the International edition of Vanity Fair arrived, too!

So. Whoever the kind person is, if you're reading this, thank you! These are both really fantastic magazines with a wide range of topics of interest to me. I've actually never read either of them before now, although I've heard of them both obviously. So thank you! It's really interesting getting the US perspective on some of the issues at hand, as well.

I'll leave this public so if anyone who knows who I should be thanking would like to comment, you can do so anonymously if you prefer :-)

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I'm having a bit of a friendslist cull - mostly communities that have lost their relevant for me, a few people I've rarely/never exchanged comments with, some who I had friended but had never friended me back, etc.

Nothing personal intended in any of it - if I unfriended you and you want back, just shout. I'm just aiming to get to a point where I can read my entire FL every day without having to use a default filter (at the moment I only read the full list once a week or so, if that).

It's also possible I've made mistakes because this new friends management page format makes it very hard to see what I'm doing!

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PSA, from a community:

Be warned; if you did the LJ Mojo meme that was floating around recently, you might have a nasty surprise. It seems the creators of the meme are having a nasty little joke at your expense; they seemed to have created this meme to obtain "dirty little secrets" - plus they have substituted a picture of Goatse for the Mojo results on your LJ. If you posted the result on your LJ, you might want to go back to that entry and delete it....

Livejournal strike

In case any of you haven't heard, there's an LJ Strike planned for 06/06/06.

Read more about why. I won't be deleting my journal but I will be refraining from posting or commenting from midday UTC on Monday 5th June until midday UTC on Wednesday 7th June.

Since my paid time doesn't expire until August I can't really hit LJ where it hurts (by not renewing) until then!